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ALGES Corporation is fast becoming a world leader in the field of music education and performing arts. Our business activities focus on providing quality, safe and easy to use mobile staging, choral risers, seating, music stands, Instrument racks and music performance equipment serving schools, community centers, places of worship and other prestigious venues......


Exceptional performances demand an exceptional environment. Every detail must work in harmony just like your performance...


It is hard to define all the ways music improves the learning abilities of people young and old. Whether you are creating a new space...


Known for their flexibility and simple design, black box theaters have been popular for almost 100 years. A black box theater serves...


Acoustic Shield & Hygiene Screen

The Acoustic Shield is designed to deflect the sound waves and reduces damaging sound energy from instruments between brass...

Acoustic Shells

Our mobile acoustic shells provide large, acoustically reflective geometric surfaces. The honeycomb core panel construction...



Minneapolis, MN
March 25th 2020

To all our Partners, Dealers and Customers,
The past few weeks have been an uncertain time for all of us, and we appreciate the overwhelming support we've received from all our staff and clients.
The COVID-19 outbreak has created new challenges almost every day as an International company. We have been working nonstop to adapt to these challenges and provide support and communication to our staff and customers. Since the coronavirus threat began, we have taken the threat and the safety of our staff very seriously.
We are happy to say we have worked through the challenges, ensuring the safety of all of our staff by following all recommendations on sanitation and social distancing. We are pleased to announce we are in full production again. We have implemented all CDC-recommended protocols throughout our company, including increased daily cleaning regimens at our production facilities and maximizing air circulation.
Our sales staff is also in full swing working from home. They are available by Zoom, email or phone to answer any questions you have and help with any quotes you need.
We want to thank you for your understanding and loyalty through this tough time. We are grateful for your support.



Alges Corporation is a worldwide brand known around the globe for our cutting edge engineering, modern design and innovative products in music education and the performing arts industry. We are looking to expand our network of agents...