Acoustic Shields

Our acoustic shields are designed for individual use allowing for changing the height and angle of the shield with a unique quick release trigger. The sleek wrap around design deflects excessive volume levels and can help prevent hearing loss without the need for ear plugs.

Each shield has been optimised to blend into any practice or performance environment with a transparent material to maintain good conductor visibility.


  • Unit Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.2kg)

  • The Acoustic Shield is designed to effectively deflect sound waves and reduce damaging sound energy from the player immediately in front of it while providing maximum visibility for the player behind.

  • Shield is constructed of clear, unobtrusive polycarbonate.

  • Fully adjustable shield is 22" x 17" (50 x 43cm) and outside ends are angled around the musician.

  • Adjustable height from floor to bottom of shield is from 23” to 47” (59cm to 119cm).