Guitar Rack (20 unit Rack)

A sturdy and space efficient Guitar rack that will store up to 20 guitars, more than adequate for the largest guitar orchestras.


  • Model: ASR 50

  • Dimensions:63 1/2" (w) x 30"(d) x70 1/4" (h) (161cm x 76 cm x 178 cm)

  • Unit weight:158lbs (72kg)

  • Double-tiered rack move and stores acoustic, electric and mariachi guitars and guitarrons.

  • Holds 20 acoustic or electric guitars, or 10 mariachi guitars and guitarrons.

  • 3/4"(19mm) Side panels are plywood core with a laminated wood veneer finish.

  • Upper and lower crosses are MDF (medium density fiber-board) core with a laminated wood veneer finish.

  • Racks have 2 1/2" (6cm) swivel casters with heavy duty rubber wheel for easy transport.

  • Locking mechanisms on two wheels.

  • Close ends for extra protection.

  • Assembly required.